Prière du jour

Seigneur Jésus, merci pour le don de la vie. Merci pour ma foi et mon amour pour toi. Merci aussi pour tous les dons et les talents que tu m’as confiés ainsi que mes limites et mes difficultés, car grâce à elles je peux te louer en faisant confiance à ta grâce. Donne-moi un cœur ardent, un cœur libre de tout désir indigne et un cœur qui fait sien les désirs de ton divin cœur.

Our Lord granted us a number of talents

If we look at ourselves humbly, we will see clearly that, in addition to his gift of faith, Our Lord has also granted us a number of talents and qualities. None of us has been mass‑produced. Our Father has created us one by one and shared out different goods among his children. It is up to us to use these talents, these qualities, in the service of all men. We are called to use the gifts God has given us as instruments to help others discover Christ…

Our task as children of God is to get all men to enter, freely, into the divine net; to get them to love each other. If we are Christians, we must seek to become fishermen like those described by the prophet Jeremiah with a metaphor which Jesus also often used: ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men’, he says to Peter and Andrew.

– St Josemaria, Friends of God