Practice meditation for a fixed period and at a fixed time

Practice meditation for a fixed period and at a fixed time. Otherwise we would be putting our own convenience first; that would be a lack of mortification. And prayer without mortification is not at all effective. – St Josemaria, Furrow

Overcome any sluggishness you may feel, and the false excuse that prayer can wait for later. Let us never put off this vital source of grace until tomorrow. Now is the right time. God, who is a loving spectator of everything we do, watches over our most intimate needs. You and I, I tell you once again, we need to confide in him as we might confide in a brother, a friend, a father. Tell him, as I am telling him now, that he is all greatness, all goodness, all mercy. Tell him also, ‘This is why I want to fall in love with you, despite my rough manner and poor hands, soiled and ill‑treated by the dust and grime of this earth’…

Each day without fail we should devote some time specially to God, raising our minds to him, without any need for the words to come to our lips, for they are being sung in our heart. Let us give enough time to this devout practice; at a fixed hour, if possible. Before the Tabernacle, close to him who has remained there out of Love. If this is not possible, we can pray anywhere because our God is ineffably present in the heart of every soul in grace.

– St Josemaria, Friends of God

Concern for the apostolate

If your prayers, your sacrifices and your actions do not show a constant concern for the apostolate, it is a sure sign that you are not happy, and that you have to be more faithful. The man who possesses happiness, and the good, will always seek to give it to others.

When you really trample on your own self and live for others you will become a good instrument in God’s hands. He called ‑‑ and is calling ‑‑ his disciples, commanding them ut eatis! ‑‑ “Go and seek all men.”

In modico fidelis! ‑‑ faithful in little things. My son, your job is not just to save souls but to bring them to holiness, day after day, giving to each moment ‑‑ even to apparently ordinary moments ‑‑ the dynamic echo of eternity.

Just as all the powerful machinery in dozens of factories is brought to a standstill and rendered useless when the electricity fails, so does apostolate cease to bear fruit when prayer and mortification fail, for they are what move the Sacred Heart of Christ.

– St Josemaria, The Forge