Things to do on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week

  • Pray the Stations of the Cross. Those are not only reserved for Fridays.
  • Housecleaning. It is traditional to do housecleaning during the first part of Holy Week. In one part, it is a symbol of our Lenten’s renewal. In second part, it is to prepare our houses for the celebration of Easter and also the blessing of the houses by the priest on Holy Saturday. Note that the cleaning should be nearly finished by Wednesday of Holy Week and the remainder of the Holy Week should be semi-holidays. Spring cleaning isn’t only a secular activity, even for the Jews it was customary to clean the house in preparation of Pasch.
  • Eat more simple meals. To sacrifice dessert or a more expensive cut of meat will help the family members become more aware of the austerity of this week. Meals don’t have to be less nutritious or filling.
  • Pray more. Include more prayers in your daily life.
  • Attend mass daily. Try to attend, if possible, mass daily for Holy Week.

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